Passion Fruit in its pure form is strong, vibrant and when it touches your tongue, so very tart.
If you take that same Passion Fruit and make it into a Semifreddo, you will get the flavor little by little as it melts on your palate. Cold and creamy, the flavor release takes longer and lasts longer.
Passion Fruit is truly one of my favorite fruits to eat. I love incorporating it into all of my dishes, from our amazing dessert, Passion Fruit Semifreddo to our scrumptious Hors D’oeuvre, Coconut Shrimp Tempura with Jalapeño-Passion Fruit Chutney.
— KP

Smiles & Testimonials

For over 7 years I have had the pleasure of working with Chef Keilaliz on everything from magnificent galas to intimate dinner parties. Chef Keila’s passion for the culinary arts and her attention to detail, makes her an irreplaceable asset in any event.
As a chef, Keila brings forth her love for all things food, an adventurous palette and a commitment to authenticity. As a business woman, her unshakable integrity coupled with an impeccable work ethic will make her stand out as the only personal chef to call.
— Debbie Seaford-Pitula, Chef
Keila puts her whole heart and creativity into everything she does. Her positive energy fills our home when she comes to cook. My kids adore her and love when she comes and cooks. No matter how busy she is, she always takes time to play with my kids and make them a special healthy treat.
We Love her!
— Suri Kasirer, Kasirer Consulting
I was fortunate enough to book Keilaliz for a Latin themed surprise birthday party. The food was delicious! I had a variety of choices to select from and everything was as wonderful as I could have hoped.
I especially loved the pulled pork sandwiches and the Green Chili chicken empanadas.
Chef Keila was prompt, amendable and very easy to work. It was great to see her passion for her craft. Her team set up quickly and left the place spotless. It was a fantastic event! I would and did recommend her to a friend who used her services with the same terrific results.
— Clark Beasley, Private client
I have had the pleasure working with Keila in the industry since 2008 and her passion for food is infectious.
Her enthusiasm and energy are obvious in her food.
I have never seen Keila be anything short of elated when she is working with food. She is a tenacious talent.
— Jason Little, Private chef