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Who We Are


CKP Events is a full-service Catering and Personal Chefs company that specializes in providing the Finest quality of Organic  Farm-to-table cuisine to all of our clients from private home parties, catering events, weddings to galas and corporate events. We offer the highest level of customer care from our Luminary Team and provide unique display options to fit any decor.  

We are very proud to use farmers, manufacturers, and importers who honor the Organic living, value sustainable agricultural practices and produce the finest quality ingredients. We also respect the sacrifice of those that make our spot on the food chain possible, never take it for granted and never let anything go to waste! We respectfully follow these practices and understand the importance of knowing where our food comes from, how it’s produced, and how we use it. 

We put a tremendous amount of care and dedication into our client's fulfillment! Our attention to detail, in-depth knowledge and passion for developing delicious global flavors are what drives our company to move forward. We never cut corners in anything we do while maintaining our intimate size. This is our company's Philosophy that we strive to honor. 

Our Magic


We begin our Magic by sourcing quality ingredients in their Peak season and transform them by balancing and developing layers of flavors. We use unique spices, herbs, aromatics and refined cooking techniques that create depth and dimension in each dish. Our food invigorates the palate with distinct global flavors, colors, and beautiful presentation.  We are also very happy to accommodate Gluten free, Vegan, Paleo, Kosher and Allergy Sensitive Diets. 

We create and maintain a truly innovative environment where one is constantly thinking outside the box and are very thankful to be continually challenged and inspired by our clients, both new and loyal.

We create our Magic in every customized menu, in every dish, and in every innovative event décor.

Magical dishes, Magic words: A great Chef is when all is said and done, a great Poet.
For was it not a visit from the Muses that inspired the person who first had the idea of marrying Rice and Chicken, Grape & Thrush, Potatoes & Entrecôte, Parmesan & Pasta, Eggplant & Tomato, Chambertin & Cockerel, Brandy & Woodcock, Onion and Tripe?
Pure Magic!
— Marcel E. Grancher

Innovating for a Global Palate

We create an elegant experience with delicious global inspired menus and extraordinary service.
We love all we do,
We love all in food and love smiling throughout the process!
— KP
szechuan braised pork belly
steak frites
julio's banana foster

From Juniper Berry Braised Oxtail, Duck Tartare Puttanesca to Banana Foster Pies.

We make everything from scratch and never cut corners!

Looking for a Unique Floral and Table Design?

We can provide you with an innovative event décor from conceptualization to installation. 
Our event specialist will merge Floral, Color, Lighting, Texture & Staging to bring your vision to life!